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Gain Financial Health

Gain financial health


Do Your Struggle With Your Financial Future?

Do you need a plan for after you retire?

Did your last effort flop?

Do you lack the knowledge to put a plan together?

Are you too busy to make a plan and stick to it?

Are you putting off moving forward?

Are you afraid of making a mistake?


When your finances are in order, life can be far less confusing.
Take the necessary steps today to put a smart plan together, starting with your money.


What Makes Propel Investment Management So Different?

With our experience in business and with family, Propel Investment Management is uniquely positioned to better understand you and help you figure out a better way forward. We’ve put together a fundamental process that allows us to provide you value and ensure a successful relationship. When you connect with us we personally get to know you and your goals, provide a smart money plan to achieve your goals, and together, propel your finances.


Our Commitment

At Propel Investment Management, we will always do what is right for you.  It is our commitment to provide our clients and their families with reliable and unbiased financial advice.  

We understand that our recommendations have impact.  We are ever so grateful for the trust our clients have in our professional ability, and we are constantly going the extra mile to ensure that trust is met with excellence.  

As a Fiduciary

Acting as a fiduciary carries a greater level of responsibility than the typical broker/client relationship.  Fiduciaries are bound to act in their clients' best interests.  

See Fiduciary Statement

Our Services

  • Education, College Funding, 529 Plans

  • Estate and Wealth Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Portfolio and Asset Management

  • Portfolio Risk Assessment

  • Life Insurance, Longterm Care Insurance, Annuities

  • Robo Advisor Accounts


LPL Financial

We are supported by LPL Financial in order to bring our clients the very best financial services experience possible.